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A verse by verse
examination and study
in the gospel according
to Saint Mark as
assembled and taught
by Apostle Mark A.
Haywood, pastor of
Greater Christ Temple
in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Price: $19.99

Prints in 3-5 business days
Shift the World is the culmination of years of study and work. This book will show you how to shift into a greater version of yourself, how to work the shift in your own life, and finally how to shift the world around you!

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A textbook for prophetic understanding and ministerial application. This book gives a description and proper application of the various functions and levels of the prophetic ministry.

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This book will lead you into receiving the mind of Christ, which will empower you to view life from an eternal perspective, thusly, resulting in righteousness in conduct, peace in the heart, and joy of the spirit.

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District Elder Mark A. Haywood
Senior Pastor

Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana to the union of Suffragan Bishop E.C. and
the late

Evangelist Julia Haywood, Pastor Haywood was raised in the tradition

of Apostolic holiness.

Pastor Haywood was 
blessed by the Lord to find his soul-mate in his youth.  At the

age of sixteen he encountered Krishana Fitzgerald.  After dating for four years,

they were married by Pastor Haywood's father, Sufg. Bishop E.C. Haywood at

(Greater) Christ Temple.  From their love has been born one daughter, Brianna

(Adam) Moore.

Pastor Haywood served the Lord in several positions in the church, as a drummer, choir member, associate elder, in-touch minister, and Sunday school teacher.

laboring with the vision for more than three years, on June 14th, 2005 Pastor Mark A. Haywood stepped out in faith, and with the blessing of his pastor, became founding apostle and senior pastor of Christ Kingdom Church.  Being ordained by the laying on of hands of the honorable Bishop James E. Tyson, Pastor Haywood continues to stand for the Apostolic doctrine as a member of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World.

2013 brought Pastor Haywood back to where he started as he was called to return to his home church, Greater Christ Temple Apostolic Church, to be the successor to his natural father, Suffragan Bishop E.C. Haywood. On Sunday, January 26, 
2014 Pastor Mark A. Haywood was installed as the senior pastor of the oldest Pentecostal church in the city.
honorable Bishop Charles A. Sims, diocesan of the 4th Episcopal District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, elevated Pastor Haywood to the office of District Elder on April 6, 2018, during the Annual Spring Session of the ABSA Council.

District Elder Haywood is the president and CEO of Memorial Park Estates, a charter Executive Board member of the United Pastors of Fort Wayne, Inc., a board member of Genesis Outreach, and a board member of the Greater Fort Wayne Community Enhancement Organization, Inc.

District Elder Haywood has an awesome vision of ministry from the LORD and surely the LORD's greatest works through him for the Kingdom of God lay in the future.